Welcome to Diplai Memon's Site

Who are Diplai's?         Diplai Memon (Sindhi: ميمڻ; Urdu: میمن; ) are an ethnic group residing in Sindh Province of Pakistan. They speak Sindhi, one of the Indo-Aryan languages.

The Diplai Memons stem from the village of Diplo in the Thar desert (or Tharparkar District, Pakistan) which is a mere few miles from the Indo-Pakistan Border. Today, these "Diplais" are spread across the globe, with large concentrations in the regional town of Hyderabad in Pakistan, and in the Middle East. Diplais are generally engaged in either the professions, the civil bureaucracy or the business world, a few  are in pollitics also. Some famous personalities include Usman Diplai ,Dr. Sajjan Memon, Dr. Saleh Memon & Mr. Gul Mohd Lot.

There is even a "Diplai Town" on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Pakistan. This "town" is generally where well to do Diplai's live (or have a second home, if they do not live in Hyderabad).

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